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On Demonstration: Paperless work flow control

Data Collection

The relevance of data collection is constantly increasing in manufacturing.  Today the number of non security-relevant connections is also increasing to prevent rising costs for product recalls.  With Syntec manufacturers are able to gather information about the quality of each assembly step as well as the potential for optimization. Furthermore transparent processes can be realized. On the one hand it is possible to only collect data, on the other hand manufacturers can choose a system with included worker support. The LineBrowser software offers both solutions.

To use the collected data to its full effect, it is necessary to link it with the appropriate production order, the part or smart pallet identification number, the timestamp, the assembly line and the station code within the line.

Data collection is a sub-area of production data traceability. For that reason a high-capacity data collection, like our LineBrowser, is always equipped with an installation check. The LineBrowser tool also checks whether the part number matches to the current assembly or not.

For this plausibility check it is necessary to query the separation data base. The LineBrowser data collection handles the whole process:

  • Separation
  • Assignment of production orders for each line and station
  • Collection of data
  • Control of production progress
  • Collection of results
  • Storage and analysis of the outcome

The system is brought to perfection with two additional programs:

The LineBrowser Poduction Analyzer to analyze screw data and the LineBrowser Configurator to set up individual stations or entire assembly lines.

One major aspect in data recognition is the controller. Modern controllers have at least one or more network interfaces. The communication is accomplished via particular protocols developed by each manufacturer.

Don Allar is the Eastern Sales Manager for Atlas Copco, he will have the Gauge Flex setup in our conference room for you to review at our leisure. 


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